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Mutual Agreement Template in Hammer & Nails
Dec 3rd 21

for Adult Volunteers in Scouting in an NSO/NSA The Mutual Agreement highlights the common commitment to pursuing the NSOs/NSAs goals through a culture of mutual support and shared values where ...

Mutual agreement
Volunteer recruitment
Volunteer agreement
Scout agreement
How To Conduct Appraisal Interview in Hammer & Nails
Aug 26th 20

And create a good Adult Development Plan Why is it Needed Adults appreciate a personalized evaluation that provides recognition of their achievements and contribution to the organisation, and brings ...

Recognition of achievements
Volunteer performance
AiS review
Decision for the future
Using Bloom's Taxonomy in Learning in Hammer & Nails
Aug 27th 20

Why is it Needed Bloom's Taxonomy provides a systematic way of describing how a learner's ability in knowledge, skills, performance and behaviours grow in complexity when mastering learning tasks. ...

Scout training
Training in Scouting
Training session
Learning in Scouting
Education in Scouting
Bloom’s taxonomy
Emotional Intelligent Scout Leader in Hammer & Nails
Aug 27th 20

Why is it needed When we think of an ideal Adult Leader in Scouting, what comes to our mind? Someone who has earned the complete trust of his Scouts, other Leaders, the parents and supporters from ...

Emotional Self-awareness
Social skills
Emotional Self-regulation
Emotional Intelligence
Scout Leader emotions
Useful Online Tools in Hammer & Nails
Aug 26th 20

For training and other collaborative online events The Digital working environment brings many opportunities such as online volunteering, work from home and online education. Online training courses ...

Digital tools
Online training
Online tools
GROW in Scouting in Hammer & Nails
Aug 26th 20

Why is it needed Helping and supporting leaders to perform well in their functions is one of the most important roles that any team leader played is also one pillar of the AiS Life Cycle. Many tools ...

Personal support
GROW model
Adults potentials
Progress review
Personal development plan
Pitfalls of Volunteer Management in Hammer & Nails
Aug 26th 20

Did you ever ask yourself what you should not do when managing volunteers? Here are some tips on what we should avoid and rather do to make volunteering a positive experience. Don’t ...Rather Do . ...

Volunteer management
Volunteers in scouting
Competency Based Approach in Training in Hammer & Nails
Aug 26th 20

Why is it Needed To fulfil its mission, each National Scout Organization (NSO) must have a clear view of its needs and the needs of its adults. NSOs rely on adult volunteers to deliver their youth ...

Scout Competencies
Competency based training
Outcomes-based training
Assessment-centered training
Learner-centric training
Learning outcome
Active Review Cycle in Hammer & Nails
Aug 26th 20

The four Fs This framework was designed by Dr Roger Greenaway, who has worked with education and training organisations, specialising in making experience-based learning more participatory, dynamic ...

4F inquiry
Structured interview
Active reviewing cycle
Facts Feelings Findings Future
Reviewing the past
Planning the future
Wood Badge Framework in Hammer & Nails
Aug 26th 20 Why is it Needed The Wood Badge Framework contributes to “Better Scouting for more young people” through the permanent improvement of quality training and ...

Wood Badge Scheme
Wood Badge recognition
Wood Badge
Wood Badge Training
Wood badge Framework
Wood Badge woggle
WB 100
Wood Badge competencies
Wood beads