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A place to get knowledge, tools and templates for managing Adults in Scouting.

Scoutship Introduction

Scoutship Content

Get inspired by the purpose and history of Scouting.

Learn how to develop yourself through the Adult Life Cycle.

Get to know more about recruiting, training, motivating and developing the leadership of adults.

Understand the connections between the World Adults in Scouting Policy and other World Policies.

Learn how to leverage Scouting career for your personal growth.

Discover a toolbox for developing and managing Adults in Scouting.

Find good practices, training templates and tips to boost Scouting careers.

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Learning Zone

Explore our resources and complete our online courses to help you grow and develop your skillset.

Learning Paths

How to manage adult roles and responsibilities.

Learn how to recruit, support and retain Adults in Scouting.

Improve and implement key leadership skills of Adults.

Learn more about the Adults in Scouting and its practical matters.

Improve and implement key leadership skills.

Learn more about the Scout Method and its practical matters.

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