Scoutship Launch Webinars

Welcome to the Scoutship launch webinars page.

The purpose of the webinars is to present the features of the new Scoutship digital resource and enable you to understand it and use it in its full potential.

You will find recorded launch webinars in 5 WOSM languages together with PowerPoint presentations.

Scoutship Launch – Europe & Africa Scout Region

Language: French
Presenters: Saad Zian, Raul Molina

Scoutship Launch – Eurasia Scout Region

Language: English, Slides in Russian
Presenters: Mary Nugent, Tadej Pugelj

Scoutship Launch – Asia-Pacific Scout region

Language: English
Presenters: Paul Parkinson, Syd Castillo, Imelda E. Songco

Scoutship Launch – Arab Scout region

Language: Arabic
Presenter: Amina Amrane, Saad Zian, Refaat El-Sebaey

Scoutship Launch – Europe & Africa Scout Region

Language: English
Presenter: Pieter Willems, Mostaff Matesanwa

Scoutship Launch – Interamerica Scout region

Language: Spanish
Presenter: Luis Bermudez, Janet Marquez