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One of the benefits of being a member of WOSM is the access you have to the numerous support services WOSM offers, from guidance on reviewing your Youth Programme to support in managing membership growth. Since its founding, WOSM has been delivering a wide spectrum of support services to NSOs.

With WOSM Services, delivery of targeted support and products are streamlined to sustain growth across the Movement. In practical terms, this means that all World Scout Bureau (WSB) support centres and World and Regional volunteer support structures are focused on achieving Vision 2023 by aligning service delivery methods, quality and speed to NSOs worldwide.

WOSM Services are defined as the totality of resources at the disposal of NSOs to assist with organisational and programme development where needed. These resources can be in the form of:

  • documents (policies, guidelines, toolkits, online databases etc.)
  • e-learning experiences (e-courses, educational videos, interactive presentations, webinars, etc.)
  • in-person support (consultative services, remotely (via email, Skype call) and directly, through field visits, meetings, training and other educational events).

12 service areas are identified as part of the support already provided by the WSB in line with WOSM’s strategic priorities:

  • Youth Programme
  • Youth Engagement
  • Adults in Scouting
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Better World Framework
  • Safe from Harm
  • Scouting and Humanitarian Action
  • Global Support Assessment Tool
  • Good Governance
  • Communications and Scouting’s Profile
  • Partnerships
  • Growth

Through the WOSM Services digital platform high-quality, effective support is provided for the core areas of Scouting. In addition, the platform enables NSOs to request in-person support (both through online means and on-site visits) and to find information about relevant events such as workshops and training opportunities. The platform can be accessed through services.scout.org.

AiS Services offers guidance to NSOs in developing systems and processes that increase the support and management of adults throughout the Adult Life Cycle, to improve the effectiveness, commitment and motivation of their adult leadership.

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