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WOSM Global Growth Agenda

Through Vision 2023, the WOSM’s 171 National Scout Organizations (NSO has set forth an ambitious goal in which we aim to see Scouting as “the world’s leading educational youth movement, enabling 100 million young people to be active citizens creating positive change in their communities and in the world based on shared values”.

The movement recognises this is an ambitious vision and one that will require effort and long-term commitment from all of our NSOs to provide better, more engaging Scouting experiences to more young people. It will also contribute to expanding Scouting in communities where it has not existed before, allowing us to reach millions of Scouts worldwide.

WOSM’s 2017-2020 Triennial Plan has set ‘Growing Together’ as its key focus because we want to support you, our NSOs, in achieving that ambition. Part of this commitment is to increase WOSM efforts in supporting NSOs to develop growth strategies and action plans towards achieving quality growth. Early in the triennium, we developed a roadmap for strategically approaching our Growth ambitions.

WOSM Global Growth Agenda

It provides a framework for our strategies, plans and actions, both short and long-term, to advance growth across the Movement significantly. The WOSM Global Growth Agenda outlines six key elements of WOSM’s approach to Growth:

  1. Better measurement of membership
  2. Understanding Scouting’s outreach and impact
  3. Supporting NSOs national growth commitments by
  4. Targeted approach to support NSOs with high growth potential
  5. Welcoming new members to WOSM
  6. Innovative approaches to Growth

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to growth. What works successfully in one country or context might not work in another. However, even if there is no single recipe for how to make growth happen, one is sure: We need our adult volunteers in order to retain our members and provide an environment for new ones. Accordingly, Adults in Scouting is one of the key ingredients for growth, and we need to work together in a holistic approach where our adults are the centre of our strategies and plans.

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