AiS Life Cycle - Recruitment

Within the Recruitment phase, there are the elements of Assessment of Needs, Attraction and Selection, Integration, Mutual Agreement and Appointment.

Description NSO Responsibility Adult Perspective
An assessment of needs is the continuous process of establishing the list of tasks, roles, or functions to be performed by adults.  The NSO should, in alignment with their Strategic Plan, regularly review their operations and structure by performing an assessment of needs. Adults are not expected to possess all the competencies required. On the contrary, working in teams is an opportunity to be empowered and to develop new skills as part of the lifelong learning process.
Description NSO Responsibility Adult Perspective
At this stage of the AiS Life Cycle, adults are invited to join through many different channels. Adults are recruited based on clear role descriptions. The Attraction process enables the NSO to open doors to new adults who adhere to the Values and Principles of Scouting and encourage them to dedicate their time to Scouting. At this point Safe From Harm “check” should take place. The Selection should be done based on openness and transparency, matching the expectations of both parties. 
Description NSO Responsibility Adult Perspective
The Integration process provides the adult with the opportunity to discover and learn about the role. The NSO has an opportunity to introduce the role, context, other adults, values, norms, and the ‘Code of Behavior or Conduct’ set by the NSO. Integration into the ‘working’ environment is essential for understanding the big picture and will impact later performance.
Description NSO Responsibility Adult Perspective
The mutual agreement highlights all aspects to which the NSO and the adult should negotiate and agree. The Mutual Agreement allows both parties involved to set out and “sign” a clear agreement concerning different aspects of work, rights, and responsibilities. The Mutual Agreement should be revisited regularly, and if needed, revised based on any new circumstances and needs. 
Description NSO Responsibility Adult Perspective
The appointment is made based on mutual agreement between the NSO and the adult and recognizes the adult’s membership. The NSO is entirely responsible for nominating and appointing adults for a specific time and renewing or terminating each appointment. Adults also have the right to ask for Renewal, Reassignment, or Retirement and can file appeals or complaints. 

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