AiS Life Cycle - Decisions for the future

Within the Decisions for the Future phase, there are the elements of Decision, Renewal, Reassignment and Retirement.

Description NSO Responsibility Adult Perspective
The Decision is an extended part of performance management where adults make Decisions for the Future based on their own needs and requirements and performance. The NSO should train and support the adults in charge of conducting the appraisal and decision-making process. Both the adults and the NSO have the right to share their opinions about the future. A decision should be reached with mutual understanding,expectations and acceptance.
Description NSO Responsibility Adult Perspective
The Renewal of an adult’s role or function means that the adult receives positive feedback on their performance and is willing to continue to perform the same role or position. Based on the needs, NSOs can renew the role of the adults. The NSO should define the length of the new term. For some roles or functions the reference to how many times renewal can be done should be defined. Adults whose position is renewed will return to the Life Cycle to continue to perform and receive relevant ongoing training or in-service support especially when being assigned to new position or undertaking new appointments
Description NSO Responsibility Adult Perspective
Reassignment is a decision, where an adult changes position and chooses another role or function. The NSO uses this opportunity to refresh the team and offer new developmental opportunities to individuals.  For adults, Reassignment can be an opportunity to find a role or function better suited to their skills, talents, or commitment level.
Description NSO Responsibility Adult Perspective
Retirement is a decision, where one party decides to end the mutual agreement and retire from Scouting activities. The NSO determines whether there are major non-conformities in the work of the adult, or if the position or function has ceased to be relevant. The adult can decide to do something new or leave when they no longer consider themselves suitable for a role in Scouting. They should be allowed to retire gracefully with dignity.

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